May 2015

Just when to get the barrel of the shotgun completely involved in the shot is a matter of more than a little confusion among gunners. From what I've seen, the newer the shooter, the sooner he wants to get the muzzle up there in full view, moving and in the fray. It's a mistake I made when first learning to shoot—mostly by teaching myself—and then again when introducing a few others to shotgunning.

While we all know that the muzzle is the reference by which we gauge where our shot charge will impact as we swing on a moving target, too much of a good thing is bad, affecting everything from sharp focus on the target to timing technique maladies to that old devil "riding the bird" we want to avoid at all costs.

Ducks Unlimited Las Vegas Continental
This year’s tournament was rousing great fun, punctuated weather-wise by exquisite winter-escape timing.

Octane For Your "X" Count
Our relentless pursuit of consistency and improvement always comes back to executing the swing basics correctly.

Hot "SHOT" Gear
Here are some top pics from the 37th annual SHOT Show that we think will make your days at the range—or in the hunting field—better than ever.

Starting Young Guns The Right Way
When introducing kids to shotgunning and doing it right from the get go, it not only works, the vast majority of kids will have a positive experience.

Conquer Your Fear Of FITASC
Silly worries about impossible targets or weird rules keep far too many gunners from enjoying all that this French form of sporting clays has to offer shooters of all caliber.

Spruce Up Your Sporting Gun
Customizing your clays buster now for higher scores this target season.

All-Weather Sporting
Don't let searing heat or rain or old man winter take a bite out of your scores.

Argentina Prime Time
The well-traveled author insists that Argentina Wingshooting Lodge just may be the finest bird shooting operation in all of Argentina.

Top Shooting Vests Picks
Today, shotgunners from big to small can find the perfect fit and function vest to let them shoot their best.

Professional Sporting Clays Association—Season One And Beyond
The PSCA's inaugural year success promises great things toward its goal of promoting the clays sports to shotgunners worldwide.

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Thanks to Texas State Sponsors
The Texas State Sporting Clays Championship set a record for the largest number of participants ever in an NSCA state shoot and went off without a hitch, thanks in great part to the participation and contributions of our event sponsors. Please thank these sponsors and support them when you have the opportunity. Thank you to […]

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Kienbaum, Encinas Share Texas Titles
It may have looked like a National Championship with its huge number of competitors and a roster of top-tier shooters from around the country, but it was actually the Texas State Sporting Clays Championship last week at the National Shooting Complex. With more than 900 registered competitors, it became the largest state championship in NSCA […]

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