July 2015

At the call of "pull" the clay launches skyward, spinning ever along its path toward its eventual destination—the ground. Your job from the shooing stand, of course, is to interrupt that flight, smoking, crumbling, or at least chipping the target before it hits terra firma. With a smooth swing from the pickup point, you intercept the bird with faultless precision and feel, triggering the shot as your gun's buttstock meets your shoulder just a fraction of a second before the bird arrives at your carefully predetermined kill zone, the follow-through equally seamless.

But at the recoil of the shotshell, you notice that the disc sails on, as you shift gears to tackle the second mark that's now sailing through the air. In the back of your mind, you reconfirm in a conscious-crashing flash that on that first bird, everything felt just right. The mount and swing, the proper amount of lead, a smooth stroke that ended in just enough follow-through before you moved to the next challenge a half-second later were all spot on.

What possibly could have gone wrong? Replaying the first-bird scenario after you shatter the second clay, you again draw a blank on the cause of the failure. But you have to make a decision because you're facing two or three more of those first birds of the same pair—right now. More lead? Less? Take it closer to the trap next time? Maybe farther along its line?

Maybe, just maybe everything with your technique was right on target. Perhaps the mistake was in your equipment. More to the point, was your chosen shotshell and choke combo right for the presentation at hand? Are you sure?

Top Flight Shotshells
From new lead target and game bird crushers to high-tech non-toxic killers, there's a "best" round for any game in town.

Lessons From The Perfect Grouse Gun
Clays busters can learn a thing or two about guns and loads from the masters of the hunting fields.

White Flyer Cup & FITASC Open
While an abundance of smaller shoots may precede it, for many of us in Kansas, the White Flyer Cup and FITASC Open at Claythorne Lodge in Columbus mark the beginning of the sporting season.

Florida State Championship
Fun and challenging would be the best description for the targets at the 2015 Florida State Championship hosted April 9-12 by Quail Creek Plantation just north of Lake Okeechobee in the center of the Sunshine State.

Gamaliel Cup
For the 11th straight year, shooters once again flocked to Tennessee in mid-April for the Gamaliel Cup at the Nashville Gun Club.

USA Sporting Storms Dubai
America's shotgunners once again finished atop the podium at the Nad Al Sheba Dubai Desert Clay Shooting Championship.

Shotguns Roundup
Here's a look at some of the new scatter-guns hitting dealers' shelves this year.

A Night At The Movies
While seeing a good mental game is relatively easy, feeling it is where the real task lies.

Florida Challenge
A few miles north of the University of Florida in Graham, Florida, is Bradford Sportsmen's Farm. This is the home of the annual big blast the Florida Challenge.

Seminole Cup
For the first time, the Seminole Cup was held outside of Florida in Woodbine, Georgia, at Sea Island’s Broadfield Club.

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Don’t Miss the Junior World Skeet Shoot!
There’s never been a Junior World Skeet Championship with more activities, awards, prizes, and fun events planned for participants than this week’s big event has. If you’re a youth shooter who hasn’t yet registered, we can still make room for you! Registration opens Thursday morning at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio for sub-juniors, […]

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Join Ladies Tour During World Shoot
Ladies who are attending the 2015 World Skeet Championships who have a free day on Wednesday, September 30 are invited to join the annual Ladies Tour. This year, the group will tour historic Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg is a quaint, small town of German heritage not far from San Antonio. Known for its scenic beauty and […]

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